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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Jul 17 '14
Jul 13 '14



I was trans-racially adopted with my twin brother. We’re 24 and we have never spoken about it. I want more than anything to reclaim my heritage, and am in the process of learning Spanish (albeit slowly), and am beginning to learn my history. I want to talk to my brother about this, because he’s the only person who understand the situation blow-for-blow. But I’m so afraid that he isn’t affected like I am. I’m afraid he’ll think I’m blowing it out of proportion. I’m scared and I can’t decide if I’m willing to breach that confrontation and risk finding out that my blood doesn’t empathize and that I am, truly, alone. And if he isn’t in the same boat I am, then I don’t know if I can ever seek out my birthmother. If I were to meet her, how could I ever say “Your son doesn’t want to meet you. I am here by myself.”

Jul 11 '14


I think that’s what scariest about pro-lifers who insist that adoption is the solution to abortion. It’s eugenic, it’s racist, it’s about having total control over people you consider inferior. You decide if they have a child, you take the child away, you raise them in your own culture, you punish them very severely if they show allegiance to their heritage or are less than your ideal. It is terrifying rhetoric said with a smile, and it implies that all adoptees were potential abortions when many parents fight very hard to keep their children.

"Adoptees who are consciously dissociating themselves from their country of origin and see themselves as whites are interpreted as examples of successful adjustments, while interest in cultural heritage and biological roots is seen as an indication of poor mental health."
Tobias Hübinette

Jul 8 '14


Okay but seriously let me ever meet a bitch that thinks that transracial is a legitimate thing like transgender




You wish you were ___________? You think it’s “cute” to be mixed?

Bitch please

Get your no-nothing white ass up out that chair at Starbucks and go talk to some mixed folk.

Talk to them about what it feels like to not look like what they think they should.

So I agree with the sentiment and all white people must be stopped 2K14, but transracial is a thing as in transracial adoptees, most often children of color adopted by white people.

So, it’d be great if you could ya’ know, get it right before making things hard for people who identify rightly with the word transracial.


Also I’m pretty sure the term ya’ll are looking for is transethnic?

I know that transracial is the word used to describe adoptions where the adoptee is a different race than their new family, and when I was writing this I did not conflate the two. Nor did I conflate the experiences of someone who is transracially adopted with the experiences of a white person who believes that they are another race “on the inside.” 

However, this does not mean that the way I chose to use my language in this post was appropriate or effective if those two experiences could be confused for one another or taken as the same or similar after reading this. I will make it a point to use transethnic from now on. 

I am extremely sorry if this post invalidated the experiences of any transracial adoptees: you are more than welcome to message me with any critiques or concerns regarding my language in this post.

Thanks for looking out,

Ms Mix

Transethnic is a legitimate term. It signifies adoptees who are (or can pass for) the same race as their adoptive family, but are of a different ethnicity. It encompasses every international adoption on the planet, and many domestic ones as well.

Its history dates back to World War II, but the terminology remains lesser known in North America, though increasing numbers of white & white-passing adoptees there are identifying with it as they discover and reclaim their birth heritage. It’s very common for children to be trafficked/coerced from indigenous nations, then passed off by agencies as “Italian” or “French Canadian” in order to avoid the Indian Child Welfare Act and other protective regulations.

Your apology is appreciated and you seem like a class act, so I’ll take the time to inform you that by posting “TRANSRACIAL/ETHNIC ISN’T A LEGIT THING” without so much as mentioning adoptees (we really are sick of these common-as-dirt posts by now kthnx), you’re actually aiding the racist spawn who’ve hijacked our terms and contributing to the oppressively bullshit notion that adoptees who are ‘transracial’ are “white on the inside.

And unless you’re posting adoption related-content, please stay out of the #transracial and #transethnic tags. Most of us are raised in all-white areas, and for many the internet is still the ONLY means of connecting with fellow POC and adoptees. X

May 30 '14

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In #SouthDakota, many #Lakota foster children who age out of state facilities are given a few hundred bucks on their eighteenth birthday and dropped off at this market.
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May 12 '14

warp-factor-gr8 asked:

Hey speaking of the whole transracial thing is there any better I could do describing it since it's come up several times? I'm intraracial and trying to use my privilege to educate but I wanna make sure I'm doing it right

You did an ace job! Thanks!

The one thing I’d clarify further is racist bio spawn have hijacked it so much by now that they’ve got whites AND POC fooled into assuming that “transracial,” even in the context of adoption, means identifying with a different race than the one you actually are.

Transracial does not nor has EVER meant that transracial adoptees are “white on the inside.”

It ONLY means we were adopted by families of a different race than our own. It’s a simple generic term that refers to circumstances, not personal identification. It predates Tumblr. FFS, it predates the entire Internet by like half a century.

(Transethnic is a bit more fuzzy as it often intersects with culture & nationality, and any adoptee who was raised in a Swedish/French/Dutch/etc. family+community is completely right to identify as such IF THEY CHOOSE,  but that’s another post…)

And while plenty of transracial adoptees DO feel racially out of place more than most and disconnected from our birth communities, none of these entirely valid complexities resemble the farcical stupidity and grossness of those white appropriative “transracial” assholes.

But it’s not suprising more and more ppl are fooled, given the rising trend of clueless bio spawn making a self-aggrandizing show with onanist, identical posts of ‘TRANSRACIAL DOESN’T EXIST!!!’, completely discounting the existence of adoptees & foster kids of color, thus actually supporting the racist shitheads who’ve erased us in the first place. (Side-eying you, friendzoned, rtrixie, amestrianprincess, dangitbobby, mikeyharmon, and every other random ass just seen from most recent #transracial search)

May 10 '14

Anonymous asked:



Okay imma splain a thing as best I can.

TRANSRACIAL ADOPTION is an actual legit thing. Transracial adoptees are people who are adopted by a family who is not the same race as them and 99.999999999999999% of the time (as in I’ve never ever heard a counter example ever and it is this way because of racism) this is white people adopting children of color. Transracial adoptees face more and different shit than intraracial adoptees face, and unique patterns of racism as well. While were on it, transethnic adoption is also a thing.

"TRANSRACIAL" people as in white people who think they’re black ARE RACIST BULLSHIT. They are garbage and racist and transphobic, and appropriating from trans people as well as transracial adoptees. It’s really sad and p telling that this is the first thing that seems to come to mind around here when I say transracial adoptees.

For future reference, when I say transracial adoptees, I mean the former of these two. “Transracial” fucktrucks is a good name for the latter.

Apr 27 '14




I once had a gentile tell me, “Sometimes I wonder if the Jews suffered the Holocaust because of what they did to Jesus.”

The gentile in question was my adoptive mother. On a related note, my adoptive father was the first person I ever heard use the word “jew” as a verb.

Isn’t it a blessing when adoption makes parents out of people who would otherwise have no children entrusted to their care?

Apr 22 '14


i have made a post like this but here it goes *deep breath*: 


it is when a child of one ethnicity is adopted by parents of another ethnicity.

white people just hijacked this term from adoptees and are using it for their racist motives. ‘transethnic’ is a real term. you’re just using it wrong. 

^Individuals who grasp this simple fact reaaaally shouldn’t be as rare as they are.

Apr 2 '14

quiltbagging asked:

But I was hoping you could point me towards transracial adoptee communities (forums or whatever) where I can read about peoples' experiences with these things. Also i would be very grateful any resources on decolonizing one's mind. I know you're not paid to do this so please don't feel obligated if none of this is inconvenient for you.

bastardplanet has covered every single issue & occurrence that every other adoptee/adoption reform org I’ve ever met (and I’ve run through MANY) either refuses to face or doesn’t know enough about. It’s also the most global community I’ve seen, great for us international bastards.

Of course, region specific communities can be great— there are a tonne of real life adoptee communities and meetups concentrated in different cities and regions all over the world, but I don’t know if you’re looking for RL groups?

Gazillion Voices is from the now inactive Land of Gazillion Adoptees. U.S.-based but not U.S.-centric. More of a publication than community/forum, but discussion is encouraged and often decent, sometimes helpful.

As for resources on decolonizing our minds, I don’t think one can do better than following fellow transracial and transethnic adoptees: fifthblackbird, amazing-how-you-love, indigoradix, dickensianwerewolf, and peaceshannon all put in glorious work and publish regularly.

On that note — not to toot my own horn, but this is literally my 7,000th post. Happy anniversary to me! X