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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Feb 23 '14


Stop masking white folks fuckery by saying its human nature

Jan 25 '14


stop romanticizing the idea of becoming so dependent on another human being that you cannot function adequately without their presence goodbye

Jan 21 '14
"Don’t ask me to be vulnerable with you if you have no intentions of protecting me."
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Jan 19 '14


Flame Princess dropping life lessons while being a badass.

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Jan 14 '14


The other reproductive rights:

  1. The right to not be sterilized against your knowledge
  2. The right to not be sterilized against your will
  3. The right to not be coerced into sterilizing yourself in order to gain citizenship, relief from imprisonment, change a gender marker, etc.
  4. The right to determine how you will give birth
  5. Placeholder for rights regarding adoption which I don’t have the ability or energy to articulate right now
  6. The right to not be forced/coerced/tricked into selling your child? How about that one?
Jan 3 '14

As unbelievable as [White Dude Super Detective (WDSD)] characters are, they would become infinitely more so if their race or gender were changed. In The Mentalist, WDSD Patrick Jane once grifted clients as a fake psychic, but now works as a hard-to-control resource for the California Bureau of Investigations. What if the Jane character were a Latino ex-grifter? Would his arrogance and propensity for sneaking into suspect’s homes and accusing wealthy businessmen of impropriety read as quirky and charming? Would anyone believe that a police force would allow such behavior? Could the Scotland Yard of fantasy be down with a coke-addicted black Sherlock—no matter how clever?

The San Francisco police department abides Adrian Monk’s obsessive-compulsive disorder, as the FBI allows Perception’s Dr. Daniel Pierce to assist on cases, despite his unmedicated schizophrenia and paranoia, which results in hallucinations. Could a black woman be cast in those roles to the same effect? I submit, that even in the fictional worlds of literature and television, race and gender matter. Belief can only be suspended so far. And this archetype is reliant on power that comes with white maleness in [Western] society.


Tamara Winfrey Harris | Privilege And The White Dude Super-Detective (via trollny-stark)

 #i still remember bossymarmalade and glockgal’s deconstruction of white privilege in supernatural #and how dean and sam worked so well #because no one ever questioned white dudes #even when they were sketchy as fuck #and then glockgal drew racebent spn comics #where sam and dean really had to work to be able to be hunters #because they couldn’t just get away with fake IDs now that they weren’t white anymore #it was so amazing #i would’ve watched THAT show forever

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This. This. And This.

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The Almighty Whitey trope has been done out too much.

Let’s see some variance with POC.

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omg SERIOUSLY. y’all ever think one of the reasons Sally Donovan so hates Sherlock Holmes is ‘cause he waltzes onto crime scenes, insults everyone, breaks half a dozen laws a minute, and still gets listened to? While she, a woman of color, has had to struggle against institutionalized racism and sexism in an incredibly white and male field (police) - and then when Holmes is there, her boss turns her into the errand girl??? (see The Great Game) Sherlock Holmes’s entire bit rides on his white, male, straight, cis, rich privilege.

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All of this is THE TRUTH!  Now I have an even stronger (yes, it’s possible) need to see a POC or woman in this kind of role. 

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Dec 20 '13


If you are not an adoptee and you make “you’re/they’re adopted” the punchline of a joke or any other adoptee joke I can assure you I will personally send a spirit to move all your things and steal one of each sock and always eat the last cookie

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Dec 8 '13


totalitarian dystopian future lit is like “what if the government got so powerful that all the bad stuff that’s already happening ALSO HAPPENED TO WHITE PEOPLE?”

Dec 8 '13

I need an episode with Abbie & Jenny getting turnt up together


Just one episode, or even a few scenes will suffice where Abbie is not just consoling Ichabod and his white man pain, or solely preoccupied with saving the world. Instead have the Mills sisters bonding, drinking, wilin’ out, SOMETHING.

I just want Abbie in “fuck y’all, I’ma do me” mode for once.

And/or an episode where the girls actually have a heart to heart with hugs, ugly crying, the lot. Where they finally address the demons (no pun intended) that have haunted them since childhood. Their dad leaving, mother’s mental breakdown, their experiences in foster care, Corbin’s death, etc etc.

I just want more Abbie and Jenny scenes =/

I am still salty we didn’t get to see Jenny’s Thanksgiving…

Or Jenny moving in with Abbie as if it’s no big deal that they’re finally reunited as sisters after being estranged since their teens…

I’m sleep doe. 

Sep 23 '13





petition to rename allies sidekicks

  • sidekicks help u win ur fights but are never the heros
  • sidekick sounds more sporty
  • sidekicks are expected to screw up occasionally
  • u can fire ur sidekick
  • 'straight sidekick' is way more alliterative

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I really like this. It automatically centers the marginalized and positions the members of oppressor classes on the side of good as supportive secondaries. It also implies action: the sidekick isn’t just someone who agrees with the hero’s cause and hopes they accomplish their goals, the sidekick is the spunky teenager who takes orders and helps out.

and main characters are usually and justifiably mad reluctant to take on them on so the sidekick has to EARN their place by them because it’s truly an honor to help the real heroes, to “take orders and help out” YES.

Too bad oppressors are by definition far more interested in leading and “saving” the oppressed rather than alleviating oppression tho.