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Jul 22 '14


You ever feel so overwhelmed by racism that your stomach and your head and your heart hurt and you feel like screaming until your throat bleeds but you have to sit quietly so you don’t upset your nice, normal White family and a little part of you is dying but you can’t even speak? That’s kind of the worst.

Yes. Nothing like fighting years of whitewashing and conditioning to hold onto the truth, only to be stigmatized for it. X

Jul 15 '14





White People Not Getting The Point: A Channel 4 Special (2009)

A documentary special on Jane Elliot and her exercise in teaching 30 adults in the United Kingdom about racism in society, and people who absolutely refused to grasp the point.

these are great examples of white people who do not want to unlearn racism.

they do not want to battle against their white supremacy. they are comfortable being the powers of society. they are comfortable being perpetrators. they are uncomfortable being exposed to their racism. they do not want people of color to feel victims for their differences. but at the same time, they want to be victims, too. hmpf.

the school teacher scared me the most. she was most hardcore about maintaining and defending her racism. and she teaches children! yikes.

This is 99% of white people.

They do this shit on purpose, which is why I’m NEVER talking to them.

I was scrolling through my dash, read this and liked it; carried on thinking a reblog wasn’t necessary given the content of most of the blogs I follow here—I was wrong.

I’ve noticed (for some time now ) that a lot of people who run blogs of the “spirituality/peaceloveunity/new-age/cosmos/positivity” ilk are either entirely delusional or oblivious of their privileged.  Not surprising as most of said blogs are run by white people; some who festishize Eastern cultures; others who legitimately have an interest the in the religions/philosophies; even those who post with the intention of highlighting our unifying human condition via optimistic quotes. 

Despite their intentions I always find myself hovering over the “unfollow” button or rolling my eyes at whatever it is they’re unwittingly espousing. Below are two screen caps: one that I saw a few posts below this one, that caused me to write this post; and the second is an excerpt of Q&A from a very popular Eastern philosophy inspired blog. 

Note the tags and couple it with the commentary

Much like in the video, people who don’t experience racism refuse to see it even when it’s right in front of them. The explanation provided is in itself an assumption. Price difference in dark and light skinned dolls is not isolated to this incident; even the most cursory search can corroborate this.

Way to sidestep what could've been a great teaching experience

I get that this blog is all about trying to help people see things through a different scope. Most people who have taken an intro course to Eastern philosophies “gets” what LazyYogi is trying to do here. But at the same time it sidesteps a perfectly good opportunity to truly open peoples eyes to the actual/factual going-ons known as white privilege.
Again, like in the video, this response is turning it on the person calling out the privilege “This must be the reason for your distrust of any who discriminate in terms of such things.” 

Watch the video provided in the original post, look at those screen caps, read the commentary in this thread.

I’m not saying that these people are inherently bad people, just using them as examples as to how blind people are to this sort of thing. Even people who run blogs of the aforementioned nature have some of the same mentalities as those in the video.

Jul 13 '14
"It grew out of trying to conceptualize the way the law responded to issues where both race and gender discrimination were involved. What happened was like an accident, a collision. Intersectionality simply came from the idea that if you’re standing in the path of multiple forms of exclusion, you are likely to get hit by both. These women are injured, but when the race ambulance and the gender ambulance arrive at the scene, they see these women of color lying in the intersection and they say, ‘Well, we can’t figure out if this was just race or just sex discrimination. And unless they can show us which one it was, we can’t help them.’"
Kimberlé Crenshaw, “Intersectionality: The Double Bind of Race and Gender” (via ethiopienne)

(Source: ethiopienne)

Jul 13 '14
"Apparently, women of color were wearing their hair in such fabulous ways, adding jewels and feathers to their high hairdos and walking around with such beauty and pride that it was obscuring their status. This was very threatening to the social stability (read: white population) of the area at the time. The law was meant to distinguish women of color from their white counterparts and to minimize their beauty."
Jul 12 '14


"fuck the police" sentiment should always be about fighting the way the police systematically oppress the "undesirable" classes, NOT about being mad that the police bust you for doing things that are fun

get mad when cops shoot at an unarmed black man and then charge him with assault because they hit bystanders, not when a dumbass white dude pulls a prank on police to waste their time and then gets a ticket

Jul 11 '14


I think that’s what scariest about pro-lifers who insist that adoption is the solution to abortion. It’s eugenic, it’s racist, it’s about having total control over people you consider inferior. You decide if they have a child, you take the child away, you raise them in your own culture, you punish them very severely if they show allegiance to their heritage or are less than your ideal. It is terrifying rhetoric said with a smile, and it implies that all adoptees were potential abortions when many parents fight very hard to keep their children.

"Adoptees who are consciously dissociating themselves from their country of origin and see themselves as whites are interpreted as examples of successful adjustments, while interest in cultural heritage and biological roots is seen as an indication of poor mental health."
Tobias Hübinette

Jun 30 '14


Soleil O/Oh Sun (Med Hondo - 1967)

Jun 29 '14

(Source: natashamaki)

Jun 24 '14









Two years ago we made a fake trailer for a movie we WANTED to make. And TODAY thanks to you guys, the OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER for that movie is here! You did this. Your support and love brought the smart black movie genre back from the dead and into theaters this OCTOBER 17TH!!



I don’t think y’all understand how excited I am for this film.




the pissed off racists in the comment section on youtube is hilarious 

And here we have proof of God

Jun 24 '14



Teach a class about racism… and this is what happens.

I think if anyone wonders why this blog exists, it’s for many of the reasons outlined in this video. This is the story of how a class on race and racism was banned by administration and the professor fired after one white student complained that she felt uncomfortable.