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Jul 19 '14








(someone erased my original captioning, but it read “The Disney Princesses tell it like it is.”)




Great little comic on (lacking) diversity in Disney media

So many conflicting ideas on my head about this.
Against: FUCK OFF! IT’S A CHILDREN’S FILM AND BEFORE REPUNZEL WE HAD TWO DECADES OF POC PRINCESSES! TWO. DECADES. Also, both films are set in places without poc in them anyway :/ sorry. Also, merida is a Pixar Hero(ine) NOT a Disney Princess, and I will argue that point to the grave.
For: yeah, poc should be more represented in all media. Why go back on two decades worth of progress? Regardless of fantasy setting, some historical accuracy could at least be attempted.

What Jonny said. One girl on here was hitting a rage cause there were no poc in Brave. Brave is set in 10th century Scotland. There were no poc there at that time. Relax your balls and enjoy the movie.

going back through Brave stuff posted months or years ago is amazing. Just look at the high quality of commentary people added to pictures that blatantly address their point. Like how do you even manage to do that

(also “two decades”… what. As if white characters weren’t there in huge numbers at the same time? Also, simply having characters throughout a span of time doesn’t mean a group is represented enough… as is obvious via many recent films…)

The pictures aren’t addressing my viewpoint for Brave, though. It is historically accurate to not show PoC in the movie because there weren’t any PoC living there until the UK began slavery with people from India and then eventually Africa, and Pixar got condemned on Tumblr for keeping to that. Surely if you feel adding a PoC character is an obligation and not because they’re a part of the story is just as racist as deliberately leaving them out or making them white when they should be included in the story?

And you can’t compare the historical (in)accuracy with the use of magic (a character being transformed into a bear) seriously, how can anyone think that’s a valid comparison?

it actually did address your point but you are, I guess, so sure that slavery was the only way that PoC could get there besides an extensive historical worldwide trade network originating out of both the continents of Africa and Asia, that you didn’t bother to look up the point indicated in image 3. I honestly find your ignorance intentional because I know damn well that people have replied to your reblog with the blog medieval PoC, which, if you search through, has referenced Brave and Scotland multiple times. 

Your complete lack of understanding of the past is exactly the reason that diversity is necessary- you can’t imagine a world where PoC might be present as non-slaves, as people with agency outside of what the British empire dictated, because the media you’ve been exposed to throughout your life has never presented that to you as an option…

I also, no, don’t see how including PoC, even if it’s done as an “obligation” because you can’t wrap your mind around them being a natural part of a story, is as racist as often excluding them or misrepresenting them in media. It is likely that certain people will continue to see their presence as “an obligation” so long as white narratives continue to be seen as an acceptable default…

I’m also not sure why you think chameleons and magical bears are somehow acceptable inclusions when PoC aren’t even though they actually could be there historically but this has been gone over so many times like it’s seriously right there in the images that idk why it was even put as a point.

I went ahead and bolded the parts of these responses that once again show that “historical accuracy” is only important to white people when it comes to casting MODERN MEDIA and excluding people of color from films.

Despite the historical fact that there is documented presence of people of color in Scotland since Classical times, through the Middle Ages, and into modern history.

During the Roman occupation of Scotland, there were over 260 camps of Roman soldiers, the archeological remains of which are visible from the air. The sheer amount of manpower sent into Scotland to try and subdue it grows ever larger as more investigations into these sites is conducted.

In fact, the rather famous disappearance of the IX Hispana Roman Legion is still being investigated, but analysis of primary sources shows that after a bloody defeat, the survivors may have just become part of the population of Scotland. All of this happened around 100 A.D.

Hispania, the origin of the Legion, was under Carthiginian Influence until the Punic Wars almost 100 years later, and on this map you can see the pre-Punic War sphere of Carthaginian influence:


In fact, I recently posted an interactive map that demonstrates just how easy and fast travel was in the days of the Roman Empire.

Going to the Middle Ages, we have Kenneth III, King of Scots from 997 to 1005 , also known as “Kenneth the Brown” whose race is still tiresomely debated in certain circles. There is no conclusive “proof” of his race because the racial categories we have today did not exist then. And of course, the former Romans living and working in Scotland at the time would have no written record of their activities or appearance because no one cared.

Once we get into the High Medieval and “Renaissance” period, written records of many specifically Black people in important royal circles. These records are a part of the UK government’s accessible to the public website:

James was a popular, fun-loving king with many interests. Many Black Moors were present at his court. Some worked as servants or (possibly) slaves, but others seem to have been invited guests or musicians. We know that he courted Margaret with lute and clavichord recitals and took her out hunting and playing sports.

After their marriage, the king’s Lord High Treasurer’s accounts provide numerous entries to show how much he enjoyed lively entertainment, employing foreign minstrels from Italy and elsewhere. King James was generous to all kinds of people, including Black Moors, as the following entries from the Treasurer’s accounts demonstrate:

  • To celebrate Shrove Tuesday in 1505, several Africans including a 'taubronar' (drummer) and a choreographer were present in Edinburgh. Twelve dancers (including Italians) performed in specially made black-and-white costumes costing £13 2s 10d. Was this the origin of Morris (Moorish) dancing?
  • In 1504-5 the ‘Moryen’ taubronar was paid 28 shillings to allow his taubroun (drum) to be painted.
  • James bought a horse at a cost of £4 4s for this drummer, who accompanied him when he toured his northern domains.

Moor women were also mentioned in the Treasurer’s accounts. It is unclear whether or not they were servants, since they were showered with items such as gowns of satin, ribbons, slippers and gloves, paid for by the king.

Entries that refer to Moor women include:

  • 'Blak Elene' or 'Elen More' was given five French crowns in 1512.
  • A ‘blak madin’ who attended Queen Margaret was given four-and-a-quarter ells (just over five yards) of French russet.
  • 'Blak Margaret' was given a gown costing 48s in 1513.
  • 'Two blak ladies' staying at the Scottish Court were presented with 10 French crowns as a New Year gift at a cost of £7.
  • In 1527, one item simply said ’ to Helenor, the blak moir - 60 shillings’ .

You can see that the primary sources are included:


I think it’s worthwhile to ask ourselves, why is bigscarytiger so very confident in asserting:

It is historically accurate to not show PoC in the movie because there weren’t any PoC living there until the UK began slavery with people from India and then eventually Africa…

This is the effect that the history taught in our classrooms has on real people.

People who feel supremely confident in saying, “you can’t have anyone who looks like you in our movie because you didn’t exist, and when you did it was just as slaves”.

Whitewashing history affects the present and the future.




You literally want to shoot me in the head for pointing out facts? You want to shoot me in the head because I think children’s cartoons should have characters that look like their audiences?

I just.


Remember that time I mentioned this is the #1 most controversial subject I’ve covered?

I was not kidding. It’s honestly frightening how violent these people get when you point out that you could make a cartoon more representative of its audience.

Look at flowerspike being a white supremacist.

Jul 17 '14


putting my favorite people in a thing → Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Idris Elba as John Smith
Gina Torres
as Jane Smith

"Your aim’s as bad as your cooking sweetheart…and that’s saying something!"

Jun 29 '14

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Jun 14 '14
Jun 13 '14



"who cares about representation in video games, video games are meant for escapism"

how exactly is it escapism to switch from a world where white cis men are in charge to…….. a world where white cis men are in charge

also what does that say about you when you want to “escape” to a world completely devoid of poc and women

future reference next time some cracker neckbeard pulls this shit with sci fi/fantasy/comics/pretty much every major Western film/TV series ever

Jun 2 '14



just once I want a movie where a white dude is thrown into “traditional” eastern culture and instead of gaining their respect and winning over a beautiful girl, he fails miserably and is sent back to america in shame while everyone laughs at him

That play is called Chinglish by David Henry Hwang. He “succeeds” but only because everyone around him is manipulating his ignorance. It’s great!

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May 31 '14

Wonder Woman Re-Design

Wonder Woman Re-Design

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May 30 '14

off to see the wizard


off to see the wizard

May 27 '14

Making History A Mirror: How Does White Supremacy profit from the commonly held belief that there were no People of Color in European History?


renegaderoop asked:

You mentioned in response to a post about white people needing to believe that Europe was racially homogeneous, that “the kind of imagined total isolation, feeds into the idea that there are ‘racial achievements’”.

Racial achievements seem to be one way white supremacy profits from this historical amnesia, and is able to set up a racialized society based on this premise.

What are other ways that white supremacy profits from believing there weren’t POCs in Medieval Europe?

[medievalpoc responds]: Readers? What are your thoughts?

It removes the accomplishments and contributions of Black people and especially Black Women to Modern European society and the monarchy and “unsullies” the hands and sexual habits of their ancestors. It removes the Black mother’s and leaves in their places “tragic dark…

tenebrae-caeli-sunt replied to your post: “You mentioned in response to a post about white people needing to believe that Europe was racially homogeneous…”:
If supremacists could prove that POC were not present in Medieval Europe, their justification for segregation and fear of “race mixing” might be substantiated. After all, their *supposedly* pureblooded white ancestors achieved all of this without mixing.

imsfire replied to your post: “You mentioned in response to a post about white people needing to believe that Europe was racially homogeneous…:
Maybe because it supports the notion that there was a “golden”, “pure” age in the not-so-recent past and the “pollution” of immigration is a modern phenomenon? Rather than accept that very many europeans are actually born of century upon century of

imsfire replied to your post: “You mentioned in response to a post about white people needing to believe that Europe was racially homogeneous….:
century upon century of population movement and population mixing and cultural interaction. Much like in apartheid-era SA, where the reality of many “whites” being of mixed racial background had to be denied at all cost?…

thehermesofverses replied to your post: “You mentioned in response to a post about white people needing to believe that Europe was racially homogeneous…”:
There’s the representation issue, which is an indirect and circular thing, but still. If people genuinely believe that POCs were nothing but slaves around that time, therefore stories that seek to go against this are often harder to sell.
residentpyromaniac said:
Maybe emphasizing the idea that segregation is ‘normal’ and trying to get people to believe that cultures interacting is this historically recent thing?
r-stern said:
European morrons shitting about non-European immigration, I guess…
Well, it gives them excuses to cast only white people in period piece movies/tv shows.

soradiesinkh3 reblogged this from medievalpoc and added:

This ties into “racial achievements” but I think that it’s also to hide up “racial failings” that happened in Europe primarily to white people, such as the Black Plague and needing to be taught by non-whites that simple bathing would cut down a lot of their problems.

After all, if there are no non-whites in Europe, then that means “white people figured out their own problems”.

spacedragons said:

Well I’m not sure what racial achievements means but I do know it’s often used as an excuse for movies taking place in historical europe to not have any people of color.

0x23 reblogged this from medievalpoc and added:

My immediate thought is that thinking medieval Europe to have been pure white continues and enforces that white is the norm. Movies (Brave, Frozen, Tangled, Ivanhoe, Excalibur, First Knight and so on) and TV shows (Game of Thrones*, Sword of Truth? I don’t watch much TV) being very white continues to keep coloured people as the ‘other’, which further feeds into systematic racism and discrimination. They’re obviously not the only reason why there is racism and discrimination, but it’d be foolish to think that lack of representation didn’t play a part in it.

*PoC are basically barbarians in GoT, afaik — I dropped the show after the horse people wedding, but you know… prove me wrong?

artinvestigations reblogged this from medievalpoc and added:

It’s not so much a racial supremacist question, but a question of rich, white, heterosexual (at least in public) men profiting from staying rich and powerful. As soon as someone questions them staying in power, they will use anything and everything to stop it. And since this rarely comes from other white men, but mostly from women, POC, LGBTQ and anyone else on the margins, perpetuating stereotypes of the ‘Other (which in no small part relies on arts, whether medieval or not) is the surefire way to raise generations of undereducated bigots who will vote for them or in other ways show their support for who they perceive is ‘their’ man, the only one who looks after their interests.

sonofgloin said:

Well, it could certainly help with believing in some kind of pure, unmixed whiteness malarkey or a master race, or pushing the idea that Christianity is a white religion.

admiralofthehip said:

A historical tradition lends authenticity and legitimacy to ideas. So if there was a perceived historical tradition of Medieval Europe being all white all the time, that lends legitimacy to modern ideas of colonialism/imperialism/racism.

golcate said:

are seen as less civilized, so believing that it was just white people probably helps reinforce that whole idea that white people=civilization and achievements.

tenebrae-caeli-sunt said:

If supremacists could prove that POC were not present in Medieval Europe, their justification for segregation and fear of “race mixing” might be substantiated. After all, their *supposedly* pureblooded white ancestors achieved all of this without mixing.

narciii reblogged this from medievalpoc and added:

For one thing, it provides a handy excuse for the racism of post-Medieval theology and Colonialist structures. “Oh, those poor Europeans, they’d never seen a dark skinned person, it’s not really their fault they treated [dark skinned persons with valuable resources and land] like animals!”

supraliminally reblogged this from medievalpoc and added:

Wow, good question. Thinking about it, I would bet that there are dozens of reasons, but I think a big one is that modern white people like to think of themselves as being more enlightened on issues of race than their ancestors. 

So basically, you have to start with the assumption that all Western societies belong to white people. POC who exist in those societies, regardless of how long they’ve been there, whether or not they speak the language, whether they are culturally assimilated or not or whatever — they are allowed to be members (or guests, really) by white people, who are the legitimate owners of that society. Our ancestors were racist, so they only allowed POC guests to exist as slaves. But today, we are very enlightened and diverse and post-racial, so we generously allow POC to exist in our countries, and not just as slaves, either. Look how far we’ve come!

The idea that POC, either in modern times or in the past, might have as much “ownership” of a nation as a white person doesn’t even enter the equation. Thinking of things in this way allows white supremacists to think of POC as ungrateful and demanding guests: we’ve given them so much already, and they still want more!

shhdontlook said:

it creates a a “racially pure” past to be romanticized, and allows people to claim a purely white heritage.

unlikeboys asked medievalpoc:

Since Europe is traditionally looked to as the ‘standard’ of ‘civilized culture’, wouldn’t painting it as an all white society reinforce the otherness of PoC civilizations? It also reinforces the idea that the most important western contributions to culture must have therefore been white (I am reminded of the Beethoven debacle).

Let’s look at the answers to the question that we’ve constructed today: How does white supremacy profit from the commonly held belief that there were no People of Color in European History?
This is what I’m hearing (agree or not):
  • Removing POC enhances Europe’s Historical reputation as “civilized” and “cultured”; inversely, telling the historical truth would tarnish that reputation
  • It constructs a false idea of “racial purity”, which is romanticized in popular culture
  • It reinforces the “Otherness” of non-European and POC-associated cultures
  • It is used to exclude people of color from modern media, which tends to concentrate itself around European and Eurocentric stories and narratives
  • It creates the concept of default whiteness, in such a way that any people of color present are automatically regarded as “foreigners”, in a way that any similar white European would be regarded as “Native”…and may cast people of color as “ungrateful and demanding guests”
  • It is used to justify discrimination against modern immigrants to European nations who are people of color
  • Using the myth of ancestral racial purity to argue against “Race mixing”, along with assumed racial “Achievements”
  • Continued belief in a historically all-white Europe upholds current sociopolitical structures of colonialism and neo-colonialism, including the institutionalized racism of the United States
  • it raises undereducated bigots
  • it downplays or ignores the contribution of people of color, especially Black women, to social, cultural, and political European Historical life, and thus to our modern society and culture. It also erases the atrocities committed by European and/or white figures perpetrated on people of color as a whole and as individuals.
  • It creates an attitude of “racial ownership” towards aspects of both historical culture and modern culture
  • It hides European problems that were solved by cultural exchange and interactions, and implies that these problems were solved in a cultural vacuum for the purpose of elevating the sense of cultural/racial achievement
A related note: one of the most-cited articles on race and Ancient Rome was written in 1916, and makes the claim that miscegenation, a.k.a. “race mixing” was literally the cause of the collapse of the Roman empire.
It is contemporary with the Eugenicist tome The Passing of the Great Race, a call for immediate implementation of Eugenic programs to “save the white race”, in terms of terrifying ideas involving “racial hygiene”.
These ideas were adopted with open arms by certain contingents of the European population after WW1 , and its author was partially responsible for the infamous American “one drop rule" being passed into law.
The repercussions of this movement and these ideas almost literally destroyed the world.
In contrast, this article written in 1948 on the Hellenistic era concludes that in fact, the attitudes of these ancient civilizations was purposefully altered by translators of the same era in order to serve the same purposes discussed above.
In other words, the translators of the 19th and early 20th century purposefully imposed their own biases on the societies of Ancient Greece and Rome.
Yet more scholarship and research needs to be done on cultural biases from the 19th and early 20th century (and our current society), and how these have influenced and continue to influence what we “know” about History in general, including European History, in art and other disciplines.
Thanks to everyone who participated here.
May 27 '14


All fiction is ideological — fantasy for example is largely heteronormative and anglophilic, and presents a very essentialist view of race, gender and class. All of those things don’t just happen. They require a specific mindset and they perpetuate that mindset across the culture. When someone raises their voice and throws their arms up in the air about “ideology” most of the time they have identified ideology in work that challenges the dominant culture, but they will take that as having discovered the dirty word “ideology” in your work just in general. Divinely-ordained Kings who launch wars against designated untermensch and shit like that don’t register as ideology to the overarching culture of fantasy nerds because they have eaten from the trash can so much it’s become comfort food.

This post was prompted by the billionth person telling me my fiction writing is too nakedly ideological and sanitized and PC and blah blah blah.

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