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Mar 24 '12
Mar 5 '12


There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Jeju Island, even though it’s a newly named “Wonder of Nature,” a UNESCO Global Geosite, and an incredible spiritual, culturally and ecologically unique land.

It’s also “cursed” with the geostrategic disadvantage of being just about the perfect place for the U.S. military to build an anti-ballistics missile defense base, to keep us safe from China.

Locals are protesting the construction, but they’re running out of time.

The Battle for Jeju Island: How the Arms Race is Threatening a Korean Paradise

Mar 4 '12
"As we have so recently and publicly discussed, girls and women have “anger issues” in that they are socialized to not demonstrate anger, but instead to sublimate it where it can sometimes then manifest itself as anxiety or depression. Girls are not born less angry and more anxious, they’re rewarded for being less angry and more anxious. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that large groups of stressed out girls and women collectively facing the dissolution of a cohesive social structure might be more disposed to fall prey to mass psychosis. It is arguable that men and boys experience similarly jarring episodes of anger and anxiety-channeling mass psychosis, but we call it male aggression and fund military industrial complexes to deal with it."

Stop Telling Girls They’re Hysterical

'Hysteria': ye olde sexism & ableism collision crossroads!

(Source: sparkamovement)

Feb 29 '12
"In just one year, the expenditure of the U.S.’s military budget is equivalent to the entire 50-year running budget of NASA combined."
Feb 28 '12

The Asian Fetishism of Adoption

In an international perspective, the Korean War marked the beginning of the Cold War and the initial stage in global U.S. hegemony. The heavy U.S. involvement in the origins of international adoption and an early interest in Asian children can in other words be interpreted as an expression of a Cold War mentality.

Through a discourse of familial love as well as tropes of child rescuing, anti-Communism and U.S. paternalist responsibility, the U.S. was depicted as the benevolent “white mother” creating familial ties to Asians by sponsoring or adopting Asian children.

In this discourse, Asians were simultaneously infantilised and feminised, and portrayed as being unable to take care of their own children. International adoption therefore became an integrated part of U.S. foreign policy in order to facilitate political relations and legitimate anti-Communist interventions in the region, while at the same time giving ordinary Americans a sense of personal participation in the Cold War, as family ties became a political obligation.

The same pattern followed in country after country. Especially in the East Asian countries, which from the outset were the primary suppliers of international adoptees, the Korean situation became the standard. U.S. invasions in countries like Vietnam and Thailand, resulted in international adoption from those countries.

Thus, it is no coincidence that the leading countries supplying children for international adoption to the West almost all fall under the American sphere of influence and have been exposed to U.S. military intervention, presence or occupation. These include: Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, India as well as Sri Lanka in Asia, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Honduras, Haiti, Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala in South America, and Ethiopia and South Africa in Africa.

The fact that adoption from Asia dominates the “market”, further underscores the Orientalist imagery at work, where, in many Western countries, Asian children are widely perceived as being docile, submissive, clever, hardworking, kind, quiet and undemanding – besides being cute, childlike and petite.

-Tobias Hubinette, Between European Colonial Trafficking, American Empire-Building and Nordic Social Engineering: Rethinking International Adoption From a Postcolonial and Feminist Perspective

Fuck all these clueless, paternalistic, prospective adoptive parents and their unthinking fetishism, stinking entitlement, and blistering ignorance of the grim meat hook realities of the adoption industry.

Feb 19 '12
Feb 18 '12
Feb 18 '12

Massacre on the ‘Highway of Death’

In the 1991 Gulf War, American pilots bombed a retreating Iraqi convoy. Most US media declined to publish this photo.


Massacre on the ‘Highway of Death’

In the 1991 Gulf War, American pilots bombed a retreating Iraqi convoy. Most US media declined to publish this photo.

Feb 15 '12


Let’s see what DARPA is up to, the mad science arm of the U.S. Government. Oh, just making some type of pneumatic hellbeast. We can’t feed homeless people, but at least we have headless mechanical horses.