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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Sep 29 '14
Sep 28 '14
Sep 13 '14

My friend Maggie, at the young age of 34, just found out she has a twin, and now it’s up to all of us to help her find them!
I love a mystery!
Please share this photo!



My friend Maggie, at the young age of 34, just found out she has a twin, and now it’s up to all of us to help her find them!

I love a mystery!

Please share this photo!


Jul 22 '14
Jul 9 '14
Jul 8 '14



I have the legs of my birth family. My birth mother and sisters all have “radish legs” (무다리). Meaning we have short legs with thick muscular calves versus the desirable long thin legs.

I’ve always hated wearing shorts because I hated my legs. I wished I had longer legs and didn’t have to worry whether my calves were too big for pants/shoes.

Last year I got a tattoo on leg in hopes to bring beauty to a place on my body I didn’t like. It’s inspired by one of my favorite books The Great Gatsby in regards to the American Dream ideology and how false it is for class, race, and status. I usually spend a lot of time thinking about tattoos and the placement of them before I get them. So this piece was particularly meaningful for me.

So here I am, radish legs and all. I’m trying to embrace all of me inside and out. And after meeting my birth family, I know that it’s something that makes me a part of them.

OMG I just realized, Ollie and I both have short legs and long torsos/bodies. Mind explosion.

You are glorious! What a beautiful post!

Jun 25 '14

Anonymous asked:

I was a white child adopted by a white family within my country, so I cannot speak for anything. But I do have a cousin who is a POC adopted by my aunt and uncle. I admire their willingness and efforts to get him involved in a local Korean community as he grew up. They encourage any desire to know about his heritage. But I know not everyone is so lucky. I do know that this is a touchy subject. I don't claim to know anything, I was just curious of your opinion on such things. I wish you well.


My opinion is that transracial adoption, especially transnationally, is skeevy as fuck and reeks of white entitlement; it’s also hella enraging when white people work furiously to keep POC institutionally oppressed then swoop in and “rescue” our babies. 

It’s a complex and painful issue, but I know that we need to be centralizing the voices of adoptees of color and mothers of color.


Also (and this has echoed by SO many transracial adoptees: "Encouraging one’s heritage" etc. actually does fuck all to prepare us for surviving in the racist societies we’re adopted into.

Furthermore, it conveniently displaces the problems of transracial/national adoption onto the child of color, and not on the parents and THEIR responsibility to examine their white privilege/savior complex, and their duty to combat white supremacy

because white Westerners adopting children of color is actually the opposite of anti-racism, ESPECIALLY when the children are from countries they’ve invaded.

Jun 24 '14



The Ghosts of Jeju
Using previously secret and classified photos, film and documents, this will be the first English-language documentary about the struggle of the brave people of Gangjeong Village who are opposing the military advance of the United States, just as their parents and relatives did in 1947. As then, they are being arrested, jailed, fined, and hospitalized for resisting the construction of a massive naval base that will accommodate America’s “pivot to Asia,” and will destroy their 400 year old village and their UNESCO protected environment.

Screening tonight (Mar. 20, 2014) at the Peace Resource Center of San Diego, 3850 Westgate Place. Doors open at 6:30 PM, movie at 7 PM.

the jeju massacre… a good case for the “unofficial” starting point of the war? syngman rhee and the us military’s start of the war on the people of korea, both “south” and “north”?


Jun 12 '14
"Would I rather not have been adopted? I don’t know. The question demands that I calculate unquantifiables. How can I weigh the loss of my language and my culture against the freedom that America has to offer, the opportunity to have the same rights as a man? How can a person exiled as a child, without a choice, possibly fathom how he would have ‘turned out’ had he stayed in Korea? How many educational opportunities must I mark on my tally sheet before I can say it was worth losing my mother? How can an adoptee weigh her terrible loss against the burden of gratitude she feels for her adoptive country and parents?"
Jane Jeong Trenka, The Language of Blood (via aznglo)
Jun 10 '14


Dear @John_F_Power, John Francis Powers, reporter of @YonhapNews, former editor of the Korea Herald,

I must say you’ve thoroughly proven yourself over and over again to be quite the pathological liar.  This is quite disturbing considering your position as a journalist for the Yonhap News:

"…seeking to link me to an individual I know almost nothing about in an utterly misleading way."

Well, it seems to me by some of the many conversations you’ve had with this particular individual, that you do know this particular individual and you know him quite well, and for quite some time too. I think this is utter bullshit and now utterly misleading of you.

What else I find disturbing is that you continue, after all of this, you continue to cavort with this individual, Martin Williams, the author of such posts as “Gaming Azn girls” and “How to Get Laid In South Korea,” aka RedPoleQ, a well known racist, misogynist “pickup artist” who continually promotes rape culture. You mean to tell me you had no idea of what your friend does for a living? It’s all right there in his twitter profile. That is pretty incredible, considering you’re supposed to be a Yonhap journalist. Or is it because you see absolutely nothing wrong with what this scumbag does in Korea, and that you share the same racist, misogynist attitudes? This is quite disturbing indeed.

Not only that, I am now getting messages that you’ve started to harass, threaten and doxx tumblr users here that reblogged this here post. And this isn’t the first time, I’ve seen you doxx in the past. I’m not sure why a Yonhap journalist of your caliber needs to resort to such things.

If you have a problem with me, I suggest you say so out of the shadows.  Otherwise, you are simply a coward. 

I do have a problem with you, and as well as others who do too. We’ve been saying and stating this, from and out the shadows. But the problem is you’re not interested in the truth, either you don’t hear us, or you’re out to silence us .

In which case you should immediately write an apology and retraction on your blog.

I’m not sure why you’re demanding an apology and a retraction?

I mean why should I personally apologize for the bile you yourself post up about yourself. And why should anyone else? Especially those reblogging your bile? I think your bile is something you yourself needs to take care of.