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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Feb 9 '13

To the insignificant bio spawn removing me as the source on my posts about foster care and the adoption industry

There are certain individuals who know as much about this ish as I do, but there is literally no one on the planet who knows more. I am a transracial, international adoptee from a “Third World” country torn apart by war. I am a second generation adoptee, as in my adoptive parent and ALL siblings were adopted, albeit domestically. I’m a “disrupted” adoptee, meaning that after my “rescue” by White Saviors(tm), I survived criminal abuse and was subsequently abandoned into foster care, where I also survived human trafficking (my handler was one of the rare few prosecuted and shut down for warehousing children via transnational pipeline) and the federally subsidized junk “therapies” that make Gitmo look like a midnight stroll. I’m the go-to primary source for more international child advocacy groups and NGOs than you ignorant nobodies can imagine, every word I type and virtual gesture I make is a veritable gift to yall:


but seriously go FUCK yourselves.

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May 11 '12



One time I asked my mom what would happen if you didn’t provide love or hold or talk to a baby at all, only fed it and changed its diapers and the bare necessities and stuff and she said it would definitely die. Is that possible? Do babies really die of loneliness

Basically, yeah, amongst other things.

Babies in institutions end up with a lot of the problems that are all part of the same group of issues (including high mortality rates with no apparent explanation), because there’s just not enough people to give them as much affection and attention as they need in order to thrive.  ’Failure to thrive’ is generally the term you want if you want to google it, btw.

As an institutionalized orphaned “foundling” who’s been roundhousing every single one of my far more coddled peers in every context imaginable since my orphanage burned down (no, I didn’t do it), I kindly invite you to shove your oppressive, vague pseudoscience up your ass as you take several seats.

You wanna back up this superstitious biography-as-destiny bullshit with SCIENCE, BITCH? And by science I mean peer-reviewed longitudinal scientific studies, not Eurocentric milquetoast Attachment Parenting-esque narrowcasting in an Ivory Tower echo chamber.

I am so fucking sick of sheltered spawn talking out their ass about adversity they can’t even fully grasp. You obviously know nothing about adoption.

Underprivileged children who are raised in the most draconian of circumstances even in the “developmental” years (lol First World Eurocentric construct) fare no differently than their sheltered counterparts provided they receive unconditional care in stable, non-abusive environments, even on a general scale.

Fucking educate yourself re: thoroughly debunking studies done on children adopted from Eastern European orphanages and the racist boogieman of “crack babies” in America.

And even those of us who don’t get adopted into stable environments? I’ll take my set of “problems” over your smarmy bigotry and lack of imagination any day. Biography is only destiny for mundane bio spawn like y’all.

Apr 16 '12

Fuck off.



And I’m reblogging this one, just ‘cuz. 

Mar 13 '12
"Think of the most famous adopted kid from South America. Quick. It’s Snooki. Snooki is the most famous adopted child from South America."

Dan’s response when I pitched South America as a potential place to adopt our future offspring.  (via torontotebag)

Oct 13 '11