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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Aug 31 '14





Strolling, Ep 7 - Cecile Emeke 

A brand new episode of the short documentary series, featuring Abraham. We talked male feminists, patriarchy, crying, “great” britain, reparations for Africa, Palestine, Boko Haram, hair & more. 

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The amount of swooning I did watching this. He is everything

My brother is internet famous lool. 

O.O Tell him I say “Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

Aug 28 '14



FEMINIST:  A person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. 

i love her som uch i could cry

Aug 28 '14


Harriet Tubman was one of the first ecofeminists but ppl sleep on her b/c she was a Black woman. But it takes such a vast and deep knowledge of geography, ecology, hydrology, soil science, sedimentology,etc to be able to come back and forth from The States to Canada and never get caught and cover your tracks all throughout Northern Appalachia and New England, at all times of the year, 100+ times, freeing 70+ families. Like how many of y’all can go  from here to the next state over with the stars and the land only as your help, and get your location?!?!?!? 

Harriet should be the shining exemplar for eco feminism. Y’all need to have her erected in all y’alls buildings/institutions tbh. Stop  sleepin.

Aug 26 '14



If you’re pissing off white feminists, you’re probably doing feminism right. 

Ain’t it the TRUTH

Aug 26 '14

I’m all out of words


I’m all out of words

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Jul 22 '14
Jul 13 '14
"It grew out of trying to conceptualize the way the law responded to issues where both race and gender discrimination were involved. What happened was like an accident, a collision. Intersectionality simply came from the idea that if you’re standing in the path of multiple forms of exclusion, you are likely to get hit by both. These women are injured, but when the race ambulance and the gender ambulance arrive at the scene, they see these women of color lying in the intersection and they say, ‘Well, we can’t figure out if this was just race or just sex discrimination. And unless they can show us which one it was, we can’t help them.’"
Kimberlé Crenshaw, “Intersectionality: The Double Bind of Race and Gender” (via ethiopienne)

(Source: ethiopienne)

Jul 13 '14
"Apparently, women of color were wearing their hair in such fabulous ways, adding jewels and feathers to their high hairdos and walking around with such beauty and pride that it was obscuring their status. This was very threatening to the social stability (read: white population) of the area at the time. The law was meant to distinguish women of color from their white counterparts and to minimize their beauty."
Jun 13 '14
  • white woman: men are awful
  • white man: not all men!
  • white woman: yes but enough men so that i feel endangered, your comment is unnecessary and derails the dialogue of women's issues that i am attempting to engage in
  • person of color: white people are awful
  • white woman: not all white people!
May 30 '14


I feel some kind of way about all these white women writing poems and posts about “feminist dragons” and “monstrous femininity” without

a) acknowledging how Black women have been writing and theorizing and making art about these concepts for a long ass time

b) recognizing the intersection of race and sexuality on which all womanhood and femininity hinges

c) considering the role of colonialism in crushing (and now usurping) the myths of sacred feminine power and/or monster women in various non-Euro cultures

d) bothering to nod at the “Dragon Lady” stereotype that’s been deployed against East Asian women to strip them of humanity and agency

e) thinking about why it’s so easy for white women to give up princesshood for dragonhood when a lot of us weren’t given a choice

basically, this is all in the vein of “weaponized femininity” and the other feminist catchphrases that white women both on and off tumblr pretend to have pulled out of thin air with no sense of accountability or history. smh.