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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Sep 14 '14


being the adopted child of an adoptee is weird af like i have my own identity issues to deal with, but then i have my mother’s bio and adopted family history to try to sort through and basically adoptee life is just one big clusterfuck of misinformation 

Aug 29 '14











who mama

Future mommy goals

Can we acknowledge that little black girl’s flawless entry. There was no hesitation in her step. She is the rhythm

^^^^ Flawless. You ain’t eem know she was jumpin in til she did it.

Me & my future baby at the function.

someone give me a kid !

That entry really was flawless, I thought yall was bullshittin

When yo momma song come on and you know her steps cause always killing shit at the house

We are so poppin! Lmaooo

I love my people

Aug 26 '14





stab me in the damn neck

titspirationall loveontheroxx


Awwww that’s soo freakin cute i can’t and Jay Z is like…I’m the only one witnessing greatness being indoctrinated right now

jay is like did ya’ll see that?! 

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Jul 9 '14

I’ll start with my adoption microaggressions!


I hate when people say “your parents are so great for having adopted you. I could never adopt. I wouldn’t love it as much as a kid that was, you know, my own.” 

If you’re so narcissistic that you honestly think you wouldn’t love an adopted child as much as one that’s your biological issue, DON’T FUCKING HAVE KIDS AT ALL

-mod R

Jul 7 '14


Idris Elba and Daughter attend a VIP screening of ‘Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone’ at Leavesden Studios on July 1, 2014 in Watford, England.

ultimate evidence for good slytherins.

SLYTHERPUFF family ow my heart

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Jun 24 '14





I’m no longer welcome around my mothers side of the family because i heard my uncle call my mother a nigger lover last night while he was talking to his wife, thinking that nobody could hear him and i broke his nose

i had to jump because im a midget but i broke his fucking nose

but my mother got mad at me for it

so i feel alone as fuck right now

my mom is siding with her white family over her biracial daughter and black husband

my heart feels like it’s being torn apart. my mama walked right past me and hugged my uncle

was i in the wrong? did i take it too far? i mean, i didn’t even say a word to him. just socked him and left him on the floor. please give me your input, because im confused as hell right now

Bravo madame brafuckingvo.

your mother aint shit.

may seem rude, but true.

stack your paper and move.

and keep in contact with at least 2 ppl who have some sense.

Well, now at least you know. Your mom is White and loves Whiteness more than her own husband and child.

So much for that “I’m not racist. My spouse is [non-White ethnicity] and my child is half [non-White ethnicity].” shit.

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Jun 2 '14
"#170. One of the hardest parts about being adopted for me is my family’s ignorance to me being an adopted and a person of color. They go make adoption jokes and racist remarks without even realizing how offensive it is. And I have to sit there and say nothing because speaking out would make me “ungrateful” and “offensive to them”. I’ve lost a lot of respect for my “family”, who I’m suppose to love unconditionally. But I’ll never fit in or belong… And I’ve given up trying to."
Anonymous (via confessions-of-an-adoptee)

This is so true for a lot of my extended family.

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Jun 2 '14


can’t wait for the generation of grandmas with winged eyeliner

Jun 1 '14


my role at family functions is to look the best and to drink the wine

May 12 '14



Kevin Durant talks about his mom during MVP speech.

yeah okay I’m ugly crying