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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Jan 9 '14


White people are are so delicate and fragile. Just like other white things like snow, eggs and paper. You have to be very careful around white people because the second you say “white people” all of the ones in a 5 mile radius will become offended and start crying about it. So fragile they are bless their wonder bread hearts

Nov 14 '13
"I don’t like conflict."
People who don’t mind if you get hurt, but get really upset if you defend yourself in a way that they have to notice. (via madeofpatterns)

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Nov 12 '13

Not ALL White Guys. The motto of White Guy University.


Not ALL White Guys. The motto of White Guy University.

Mar 26 '13

[‘Bad lieutenant’: FDNY EMS Lieutenant Timothy Dluhos sobs after he was confronted by New York Post reporters over racist and anti-Semitic tweets he posted]

You know fucker was racist if the Post actually called him out omfg.

Mar 9 '13
  • white people: *colonize and destroy parts of the world in order to steal spices and foodstuffs, and yet their food remains bland*
  • white people: stop making jokes about our food, it's the meanest thing ever
Feb 8 '13
"white bread and white rice are just like white men bad for you"

my mom is a nutritionist  (via unimpressed2chainz)

THIS IS GROSS! why would some one think that this is o.k.? This shit is not funny.

Now replace ‘White’ with a minority and this post would have hundreds of notes about racism.


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lol racsit

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White Tears tho, delicious AND nutritious (✿◠‿◠)

Jan 30 '13
Oct 13 '12


can someone caption this “white tears” please




can someone caption this “white tears” please


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Jun 22 '12

If you’re a white, heterosexual male on Tumblr




Don’t bother blogging anything other than pictures of cats. Anything else will be considered a perpetuation of your privileged status.

Or hell, just get off Tumblr all together, smash your computer with a sledgehammer, castrate yourself, donate all your possessions to charity and live on the street. That way, you’ll remove yourself from the patriarchal, misogynistic, racist and classist machine that you participate in simply by existing.

Or even better, kill yourself. If white heterosexual males didn’t exist, all prejudice and inequality would cease to exist, as we’re the root cause of it. Do the world a favor and stick that revolver in your mouth, you ignorant pasty skinned devil you.

“I don’t grasp the complexity of socio-economic relations so I’m going to be dramatic to show you how ridiculous y’all are for not being simple enough for me to understand. Wah”

I know plenty of white, heterosexual cis men who understand the world and acknowledge their position in it. Ain’t nothing to get your undies in a twist about.


hey you guys

check out the pariah.


#white man’s tears

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