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Jul 17 '14









The guy who invented the theory that vaccines cause autism had his medical license revoked for it

thats ridiculous

they took it away because he came up with a seemingly plausible theory?

They took it away because other scientists have been unable to reproduce his results, his results were made up, he didn’t even get approved by an ethics committee, and now he’s risking the health and lives of a whole bunch of people

Let’s not forget he actually admitted all this himself by retracting his data.

Oh and the fact that basing a study on 12 participants is a fucking joke if you know a goddamned thing about statistics and designing scientific studies.

Also a fun note: these studies mostly became popular because of Jenny McCarthy, who claimed that her son’s autism had been caused by vaccines.

As it turns out, her son never even had autism. She claims that she “cured” his autism with things like a gluten-free diet and therapy, but it’s far more likely that he was misdiagnosed… and that she ran with it and started ruining people’s lives with it. 

tl;dr - The anti-vaxx movement is built on lies and misinformation on top of lies and misinformation, and while this might be a laughable thing in other circumstances, this particular movement KILLS CHILDREN.

All of the above. 

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Jul 13 '14

lavenderpenny asked:

hey again! i hope you're well :-) so yes i've been reading through your reactive attachment disorder tag, i see RAD be attributed to a lot of murdered orphans by their adopted parents and from what i can see it seems to be a readily used excuse for abusive parents defending their actions? It's kind of confusing to me about whether it's a legitimate issue that gets misused by adoptive parents or a fabricated condition used against children who don't do exactly what their adoptive parents (...)
(…) expect them to. i’d like to know more about it if you have any resources or wouldn’t mind explaining it yourself? i hope my question makes sense!
Reactive Attachment Disorder (AKA Attachment Disorder) IS actually a legitimate condition.
But it’s ONLY applicable to children about 3 and under, entails completely responses, and is arguably not even a disorder (but Westerners gotta pathologize everything that isn’t 100% nuclear fam heteronormative, so). It means that if a child goes through a lot of displacement (orphanages, foster care etc.), they get confused as to who their primary caregivers are, so sometimes they attach to complete strangers.
But the pseudoscientific “attachment disorder” that adoptees & foster kids get branded with is commonly referred to as “serial killer syndrome.” Western adoption “experts” compare us to Adolf Hitler and Ted Bundy, which (given that the majority of adoptees worldwide are not white, Aryan, or male) can get grating, yes? Then there’s the fact that the “treatments” for RAD/AD are actual child abuse & torture.
I’ve gotten a bunch of new followers over recent flurry from some of my posts that got hijacked by Well-Intentioned Western(tm) spawn on RAD. And to them, I must say:
If you really are so irredeemably shitbrained to believe in that latter definition of attachment disorder, unfollow me right the fuck now. Seriously, that level of gullibility poses a danger. X
Jul 11 '14
"While the purported purpose of the bill is to reduce the number of children in orphanages, the opposite will most certainly result. According to Kathryn Joyce in The Child Catchers intercountry adoptions actually increase the number of children living in institutions: “Children who were not unparented or homeless before end up becoming institutionalized as a direct result of orphanages setting up shop in poor areas.”

The adoption industry helps create these institutions, often funded in large part, by grateful adoptive parents. As we’ve seen in the Ethiopian case, practitioners may falsely claim children are orphans in order to line their pockets with American money.

Furthermore, increasing intercountry adoptions runs the risk that children will be placed in unsafe homes where they may be killed, abused, or dumped into another unsafe home, as the recent series of stories on “re-homing” has shown us. It also diverts money which could be used to help children remain within their families."

[Birth Mother] First Mother Forum: Encouraging intercountry adoptions with hard cash

this article starts with the line ‘when half the faculty at Harvard and Boston College Law Schools endorse a bill that encourages poor countries to take children from their mothers and send them to the United States for adoption, you’d think something was amiss’ and it’s probably a sign i read too many (or just enough) adoption blogs that my first thought was ‘i thought that was the whole point of international adoption’.

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"Children who were not unparented or homeless before end up becoming institutionalized as a direct result of orphanages setting up shop in poor areas.”

Jun 26 '14




Dumbledore, notorious for giving second chances Dumbledore, let Sirius rot in Azkaban for twelve years. 

He must have known Sirius well due to his time in the Order, he must have known what James meant to Sirius. Dumbledore was a member of the freaking Wizengamot yet he didn’t fight the Ministry’s horrifying trial-optional policy. 

This is a man who took back Death Eater!Snape at his word, shielded him from prison, and employed him at a school for children. 

But he didn’t have a use for Sirius, so he didn’t care about him.

I got 99 problems with Dumbledore and his treatment of Sirius Black accounts for like 64 of them.  

To be honest, Albus Dumbledore is one of the most disturbing, terrifying characters I’ve ever found in a book, because he thought he was a good guy and so did everyone else and the books don’t really challenge it either (given that Harry forgives him for everything he did), but when you look between the lines he was profoundly, profoundly immoral and unethical.

A couple of months ago, I was talking about HP characters with a friend, and he said that Dumbledore was one of his least favorite characters of all time.

Naturally, this took me back a bit since he’s one of the heroes of the series, misguided as he was at times. Still, I was curious and asked my friend why he hated him. His answer still strikes a chord with me.

"There is never, ever a reason to leave a child in an abusive home. Never."

Jun 3 '14
Jun 3 '14
Jun 1 '14




Woman Hits 4-Year-Old Girl in Walmart With Crowbar Because She’s Asian

Maria Garate is facing charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon after she walked to a four-year-old Asian girl in Walmart and struck the girl on the back of the head with a crowbar. She was booked in the Santa Clara jail without further incident. According to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office, she  targeted the girl because she was of Asian descent. 

Garate entered the San Jose Walmart on Tuesday with the crowbar hidden in a duffel bag and approached the 4-year-old and her father while they were shopping, striking the child twice without provocation. She reeled back for another blow, but the girl’s father stepped in and took the hit instead.

The girl was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Garate is facing charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, and both charges carry a hate crime allegation. This means that Garate could end up serving life in prison.

Garate showed no remorse for the brutal attack, and told investigators and police that she was upset the young girl didn’t die. Hopefully she has a very long and very hard prison term to look forward to.

What. The. Fuck????????

This is where I live???? The area surrounding it is around, like, 70-80% Asian!?!?!?!? To think this might have happened to any of my friends, family, and their children….

This scares me so fucking much because I have received so many death threats for being Asian by complete strangers in my life time, like, what if any one of them actually acted on those threats. Makes me feel sick.

Jun 1 '14
"It was like the devil came in the night and stole my child’s soul."

Talking to the parents of children with regressive autism is scary but important (via dimyway02)

Try being the person with regressive autism.  Try standing there right in front of people while they say that your soul doesn’t exist, that you are not in your body, that you are a shell of your former self.  And wanting to punch them in the eye for having the nerve to act like you don’t exist anymore, but not being able to.  (Or doing so, and then being accused of having “unexplainable aggression” which goes more towards having “no soul”.)

NEVER talk about autistic people this way.

NEVER say we don’t have souls.

NEVER say we’re vegetables.

NEVER say we aren’t the person we used to be.

NEVER say you want the “old you” back.

NEVER say these things.

And never repeat these things as if they’re some kind of profound observation about what it’s like to be someone related to us.  Think what it’s like to be right there, with everyone and having everyone around you talking as if you’ve been stolen, as if you’re not the real you anymore, as if they need to go find the real you and bring you back, as if who you are is an empty shell, a vegetable, a vacant body with no soul.

This is not profound, it is disgusting and sickening.

Signed, a ‘regressive’ autistic who is still routinely treated as an empty shell with no soul or thoughts or emotions of my own

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Jun 1 '14
"They were found barefoot in January, huddled under a blanket against the biting High Desert winter cold, two kids on the run from a former foster mother, who had bound their hands with zip-ties and beat them."

Reporter Garrett Therolf’s unflinching look at the tragic problems within California’s private foster care program isn’t an easy read, but it’s crucial for increasing awareness of the children at risk of abuse within the state’s system. Read the full story here.

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It bears knowing that the nightmarish child abuse disbelieved by the masses is not only institutionalized in adoption and foster systems, but literally recommended and often mandated:
The “Bibles” of the North American Adoption & Foster Care System

May 30 '14
"When I’m a psychiatrist you better believe I’m going to sedate the fuck out of foster kids. No one cares about them, why should I? It’s less work and an easy pay check."

Senior Pre Med Major (via shitrichcollegekidssay)


But srsly, here’s why this particular kind of institutionalized child abuse is ethnocidal…



"They were giving me drugs, Prozac and two other ones I didn’t know, which scared me because I didn’t even know what I was taking, and they just basically said, ‘Take this.’ If I didn’t take it they would physically restrain me and throw me in my room and not let me out until I wanted to take it.”

— Former #Lakota foster child, remembering what S.D. DSS did to him at age 12. Watch his

There’s also a grim history of forced drug testing on foster children, and highly toxic drugs at that.