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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Mar 14 '13

basementghoul asked:

So what are your thoughts on pregnant people who don't want to be parents but don't want to abort? Not people who are pressured/told they "can't be parents" and not people who are told "abortion is evil" or kept away from it - obvs that's different. But not every pregnant person wants to be a parent, or not a parent at that time. How do you feel about adoption when the bioparents just don't want to be parents?

Sure, I’ll generously share your loaded query conveniently isolated in a post-racial fantasy snowglobe that’s sans capitalism, sans oppression, and one where single mothers aren’t shamed via myriad channels & legion microaggressions for “transgressions” out of wedlock, why not?

Oh, and apparently yours is also a world where consenting birth mothers never change their mind last minute— you do realize that happens more times than not, right? The saint-like progressive aura of the “savior” gets a wee mussed when initial attempts to get a kid are consistently thwarted :) Factor in the harsh reality that for any one baby or “orphan” there are 36578327502945283438 privileged adopters competing for it

^helps explain why adopters go from “helping a poor young woman out” to “I DESERVE YOUR OFFSPRING MORE THAN YOU YOU INFERIOR SLUT!!11” in 10 seconds.

Happy to shed light on your little snowglobe:


Mar 10 '13

oh and p.s.

aside from the entitled First World assholes laboring under the misapprehension that I actually run an adoption agency for Carefree White Girls &/ Well-Intentioned White Folks(tm) in general

I actually don’t mind it when white people POLITELY and thoughtfully ask me genuine, unloaded questions on adoption and foster care.

probably shouldn’t admit this, but more often than not I’m actually willing to answer these queries in depth — unlike questions on racism, which have all been answered time and time again by generations past who’ve articulated it far better than I can and at this point especially in this freaking Information Age white ppl should just refrain from asking POC question on racism EVER just google FFS and stop expecting us to constantly repeat ourselves.

partly of my willingness stems from the fact that adoption as it’s practiced in the last few decades is in many ways unprecedented — yes, there are past cases of children similarly “rescued”, i.e., 18th-century Austria with nearly 20,000 Roma children kidnapped and placed in Catholic homes to dilute Romani bloodlines — but it’s only been very recently that children of oppressed groups have been kidnapped and abused via methods that literally comprise a transnational industrial complex. Profit changes everything.

naturally there’s a lot less information available. the bare minimum of images and words necessary to our survival have yet to be created or heard. we’ve barely just grown up and the first generations who went through this shit are still far from the grave.

anyway, there are a lot of nice, thoughtful people sending me Asks that I’ll definitely get around to. I’m not ignoring you, I probably even really like you, I’m just operating on my own time, which I can’t apologize for.

(In the meantime, please don’t blanketly apply my willingness to answer stuff to other transracial/national adoptes, who may very well and rightfully tell you to bugger off.)

Mar 10 '13

Beauty and terror, our constant companions.

Must be an odd phase, cuz for some reason juggling a full work schedule and the logistics of living in yet another country all the while confronting a potentially life-threatening medical condition (always super duper fun when one is an orphan with no available family/medical history whatsoever, right?!) is actually giving me increased bursts of energy and I’ve found the time and inclination to

  • go HAM with my adoption posts and reveal more about surviving foster care and federally subsidized, eugenics-derived programs that torture and murder disabled and neurodiverse adoptees of color in particular, experiences which I’ve heretofore kept mum if only cuz white ppl in their entitlement essentially demand that I slap & spoonfeed them rather than actually post important and rare firsthand accounts for the public benefit

  • start beauty blogging and posting some DIY home remedies that have literally saved me thousands in health/self-care expenses :D

I see no conflict of interest between these whatsoever and neither should you. X

Feb 9 '13

To the insignificant bio spawn removing me as the source on my posts about foster care and the adoption industry

There are certain individuals who know as much about this ish as I do, but there is literally no one on the planet who knows more. I am a transracial, international adoptee from a “Third World” country torn apart by war. I am a second generation adoptee, as in my adoptive parent and ALL siblings were adopted, albeit domestically. I’m a “disrupted” adoptee, meaning that after my “rescue” by White Saviors(tm), I survived criminal abuse and was subsequently abandoned into foster care, where I also survived human trafficking (my handler was one of the rare few prosecuted and shut down for warehousing children via transnational pipeline) and the federally subsidized junk “therapies” that make Gitmo look like a midnight stroll. I’m the go-to primary source for more international child advocacy groups and NGOs than you ignorant nobodies can imagine, every word I type and virtual gesture I make is a veritable gift to yall:


but seriously go FUCK yourselves.

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Nov 17 '12
"Officially she was never born. You will not find a record of her birth, not even in her small hometown. A miraculous conception, an anonymous drop-off at an orphanage, a hasty but surreptitious send-off to a foreign land. She is a paper child of ghosts."
Me-K. Ahn, Living in Half Tones

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Nov 7 '12

Oh, and for any asshole bio spawn who think I’m anti-adoption because of ‘personal problems’ with my adoptive parents

I am never remotely inclined or obligated to explain myself, I just enjoy seeing yalls reactions when you hear that

  • My adoptive parents were criminally abusive, police records and all
  • I didn’t really give a fuck about it as the situation at ‘home’ was still preferable to having them abandon me into foster ‘care’ system wherein I was warehoused by a handler who was only unique in that he was actually prosecuted for torturing and trafficking us kids
  • I was still completely PRO-adoption because all this shit happened to me before I cleared puberty and I thought maybe I was just slightly unlucky
  • Only after I aged out and escaped my abusers to begin the slow, further agonizing process of decolonization did I finally learn what a white supremacist war-profiteering baby-kidnapping woman-hating for-profit multi-billion INDUSTRY adoption actually is (to say nothing of the sub-industry of pseudoscientific torture adoptees are targeted with)

And the grande dames of all truth bombs:

But First World(tm) spawn are so busy spewing bile at the notion that anyone you sanctimoniously pretend to ‘save’ might dare question your entitlement, a class Bastard just isn’t left with enough hours in the day to ward off your bullshit AND lay out positions in full.

Fuck all o’ yous. ^_^

Oct 2 '12

You can get away with buying babies around the world as a US citizen.

Most of the Westerners involved with foreign adoption agencies — like business people importing foreign sneakers — can plausibly deny knowledge of unethical or unseemly practices overseas. They don’t have to know.

Willful ignorance allowed Lauryn Galindo, a former hula dancer from the United States, to collect more than $9 million in adoption fees over several years for Cambodian infants and toddlers.

Between 1997 and 2001, Americans adopted 1,230 children from Cambodia; Galindo said she was involved in 800 of the adoptions. (Galindo reportedly delivered Angelina Jolie’s Cambodian child to her movie set in Africa.)

But in a two-year probe beginning in 2002, U.S. investigators alleged that Galindo paid Cambodian child finders to purchase, defraud, coerce, or steal children from their families, and conspired to create false identity documents for the children. Galindo later served federal prison time on charges of visa fraud and money laundering, but not trafficking.

"You can get away with buying babies around the world as a United States citizen," says Richard Cross, a senior special agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement who investigated Galindo. "It’s not a crime."

- E.J. Graff, The Lie We Love. Published in Foreign Policy, c. November 1, 2008.

Bolded mine.

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