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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Apr 16 '14


when i tell you i’m adopted (◡‿◡✿)

do not apologize (✿◡‿◡)

"#ugh #bio spawn #they just can’t help themselves


Apr 6 '14
"#130. When people think of adoption, they really don’t understand what it’s like. They don’t understand how mentally draining it is. You’re stuck between two families. They don’t know each other, but they have an equally large place in your heart. For some reason, you feel the need to pick which family you love more. It isn’t easy and it makes you feel like a horrible, horrible person."

Anonymous (via confessions-of-an-adoptee)

To hell with everyone who expects us to “choose” between our birth, adoptive, or foster families.

Just because our family histories are far more complex than most, it doesn’t mean we’re “tragic” ‘broken” “burgeoning serial killers" with our familial love as some goddamn finite supply.

Mar 30 '14

Personally I am pro-life





I understand you don’t want that baby, but you should just toughen up and go through pregnancy! After, you can give the baby to foster parents, or anything, JUST PLEASE DONT KILL THEM.

and risk abuse and besides pregnancy and birth is expensive and dangerous- Riley

"You should just toughen up"

"I understand you don’t want that baby but you should just pretend there isn’t a safe, legal way to get rid of it and go through 9 months of hell and the most painful physical process of your life instead so that I feel better. You know, ‘toughen up’.”

Mar 26 '14


Seriously, the next person that says “I’m sorry” when they hear I’m adopted will feel my wrath

Mar 14 '14


The next spawn that asks me weird intrusive questions about my adoptee status, I’m going to ask them weird intrusive questions about being spawn.

"So did you patents have hot sweaty sex to make you or are you IVF?"

"How does it feel knowing that your face touched your parent’s vagina when you were being born? Or were you C-section? Is that weird?"

"Is your family still your family even though they look like you? Aren’t you worried about carrying their genes?"


Feb 27 '14




bintrushd replied to your post:"Bio spawn"?
Idk what that means. :(
Seems to be a term brandx uses. I’m guessing it means child/children.


Aw. You tried ;)

Actually, it’s a term the whole international orphan community (that includes many domestically adopted indigenous kids whose nations go unrecognized) often uses. That guess is so wrong it’s hilarious!

In any case, outsiders shouldn’t concern themselves with it because it’s not theirs to use. If a community has made it clear they don’t want to teach you their terms, it’s disrespectful and a waste of time presuming to know or trying to find out.

Feb 23 '14


the heterosexual agenda terrifies me. creating new small humans?? football?? bootcut jeans????? how the fuck am I supposed to explain this to my children

Feb 11 '14

Sweden (along with nearly every other Western nation on the planet) invaded my birth country, committed war crimes, rape, genocide.

They took away my family, my home, my language, my birthday, my nationality, sold me for a price into the home of my oppressors and told me to be grateful.

They CONTINUE to collectively kidnap and traffick children from my homeland in the hundreds of thousands.

So to bintrushd , stfuwhiteliberals , and any other sheltered, dumbshit bio spawn who presumes for one second that they can EVER understand how utterly global white supremacy is for us, all while incorrectly presuming our nationality when it was completely fucking stripped from us and falsified


Your borders mean nothing to us and never will. The West is a bland ass monolith and I hate you all equally X

#intro post #hi new followers <3

p.s. lol I don’t even live in North America, much less the damn US.

p.p.s. isn’t stfuwhiteliberals one of those blogs that’s actually really problematic and been involved in a lotta bullshit with actual poc, or was that stfuconservatives? lol all bio spawn look alike

Feb 11 '14

In March last year a popular celebrity, Alexander Bard, declared on national television station SVT that there is nothing wrong with calling black people “n*ggers” – “If I can refer to myself as a faggot then I should be able to call black people n*ggers” – and when confronted on social media by an Afro-Swede, he insisted on using the word repeatedly to make his point.

Last April, at a student dinner gathering at the prestigious Lund University, students arrived with their faces blacked up, with nooses and shackles around their necks and arms, and led by a white “slave trader”. During the course of the evening, a slave auction was enacted.

When I filed a complaint, I was subjected to a racist reprisal. Apart from threats against me and my family, a manipulated picture of me as a slave in shackles was made into posters bearing the words, in Swedish: "This is our runaway n*gger slave and he answers to the name Jallow Momodou. If you should find him please call this number." These were put up in several different spots around my workplace, Malmö university. Rev Jesse Jackson himself condemned the harassment.

In October 2010, a white Swedish man went on a rampage in Malmö, shooting more than 20 people of colour and killing one. The killer was officially considered to be a lone wolf with psychological problems rather than a terrorist with racist motives, and he has still not been prosecuted.

At the start of last year, a sex education film caused outrage because it showed a black guy having sex with a white girl. More than half a million comments were posted on the internet, mainly commenting on how disgusted they were at this “betrayal” of the white race and corruption of the purity of the Swedish gene pool. The entire incident, though, was not even commented on by a single politician.

Despite all these incidents, however, Sweden has created an image for itself of paradise and harmony, which has been bought into by the rest of the world. It is a challenge for all of us to revise the Swedish self-image, starting in our schools, to understand how racism has taken hold in this country.

Sweden abolished the slave trade in 1847 well after nations like Britain; but few people know this part of its history. The Swedish exceptionalism – the idea that Sweden is disconnected from slavery and colonialism – has made it very difficult to discuss the racist structures that black people face today.

Racism is about power, in which those who operate the levers believe it is OK to discriminate, dehumanise and denigrate without consequence. This is what the culture minister is relying on: a racist structure that ignores racial incidents and ultimately makes them part of the norm. This is what the true image of Swedish society looks like.


Jallow Momodou, Sweden: the Country Where Racism is “Just a Joke”


Cue the white tears: “but we don’t have racism here that’s U.S.-centric we only have xenophobia and discrimination that totally includes white people!!!!111”

(via brandx)

i wonder how dude who claimed antiblackness wasn’t a huge part of Europe or Sweden missed all this antiblack racism

(via bluemagicrose)

Can American bloggers stop using every articles/posts/etc about racism in Europe as an opportunity to add cynical comments? That’s really insensitive and self-centered for one. 

Don’t start pretending that accusations of US centrism against many of you are coming from European white people, many non-white people living in Europe have complained about the daily occurrences of US-centrism from SJ bloggers on this website. 

I can’t for the life of me understand how most of you got a “Racism doesn’t exist in Europe” from people telling you to stop being American-centric. 

(via bintrushd)

I’m honestly shocked that users can derail the point at hand and divert the narrative to people who aren’t even fucking suffering from this racism in Sweden. It just shows that American chauvinism comes in the guise of progress too. 

(via stfuwhiteliberals)

LOL bintrushd and stfuwhiteliberals I’m a “Third World” orphan whose nationality has changed fucking repeatedly courtesy your dumbshit Western adoption industry and I don’t even remotely live in the US.

The point is that the West is a monolith, ESPECIALLY to me and mine. (You might have known that if you’d bothered to just click-through and see who the hell you’re addressing before making total assholes of yourself) Yeah stfuwhiteliberals, keep talking out your neck about “derailing” to an international adoptee when Sweden trafficks more “orphans” of color in relation to its own population than any other country on earth. My life encompasses and navigates national borders in ways that your basic, bio spawned existence can’t even BEGIN to imagine.

And if you’re really that clueless of how Scandinavians are especially guilty of this increasing trend of speshul snowflake revisionist crap, then both of you know fuck all of the history and inherently global domination of white supremacy. 

LOL at all non-black assholes interjecting that anti-blackness ANYWHERE doesn’t affect black people everywhere omfg it’s clear you know nothing about the global nature of white supremacy but did you even read the article

Feb 4 '14


white bio spawn have been even more obnoxious as of late

i had someone try to convince me that i’m not actually Indigenous since I was adopted out stolen from my nations, but that I also can’t claim my adoptive family’s heritage (Scottish) since i’m not actually related to them by blood

keep changing your views to erase my identity and existence as much as possible, yt ppl


Lol, I agree on the inexplicably increased levels of obnoxiousness… maybe something about the season stirs even more resentment in their narrow, mundane existences about us knowing and encompassing multiple worlds they can’t imagine. X