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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Apr 16 '14


when i tell you i’m adopted (◡‿◡✿)

do not apologize (✿◡‿◡)

"#ugh #bio spawn #they just can’t help themselves


Apr 16 '14
Apr 2 '14


Hey People!! Do you guys like when I post about my adoption story and things that kind of fall into that category or do you want to read about other stuff. I’m not really into politics or sports …. but I don’t want you guys to think that’s all I think about or talk about.  

hey I love that you post about your adoption. I know others do too!

That being said tho — feel free to mix it up as much as you want, don’t feel that you gotta “brand” yourself or something ha. This is your tumblr, post whatever you fancy! I’d be stoked to learn about your hobbies/interests too :)

Apr 2 '14


Hey guys, I’m trying this out and I really need your help. I made this video trying to get my story out there. My name is Lena and I’m 19 years old. I’m adopted from Russia and have been searching for my birth parents and sister ever since. I have never met them or seen what they look like. If you could share this video and/or give me advice or stories you may have, it would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea if this will work, but I’m trying all my options. I’m just a girl with a piece of me gone missing that I would like to find. Thanks for all your support. Please reblog and share. Thank you!!

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Apr 2 '14

quiltbagging asked:

But I was hoping you could point me towards transracial adoptee communities (forums or whatever) where I can read about peoples' experiences with these things. Also i would be very grateful any resources on decolonizing one's mind. I know you're not paid to do this so please don't feel obligated if none of this is inconvenient for you.

bastardplanet has covered every single issue & occurrence that every other adoptee/adoption reform org I’ve ever met (and I’ve run through MANY) either refuses to face or doesn’t know enough about. It’s also the most global community I’ve seen, great for us international bastards.

Of course, region specific communities can be great— there are a tonne of real life adoptee communities and meetups concentrated in different cities and regions all over the world, but I don’t know if you’re looking for RL groups?

Gazillion Voices is from the now inactive Land of Gazillion Adoptees. U.S.-based but not U.S.-centric. More of a publication than community/forum, but discussion is encouraged and often decent, sometimes helpful.

As for resources on decolonizing our minds, I don’t think one can do better than following fellow transracial and transethnic adoptees: fifthblackbird, amazing-how-you-love, indigoradix, dickensianwerewolf, and peaceshannon all put in glorious work and publish regularly.

On that note — not to toot my own horn, but this is literally my 7,000th post. Happy anniversary to me! X

Mar 31 '14
"#124. I wish the society and the media stopped portraying adoptees as either horrible/rebellious/destructive kids or perpetually indebted children whose adoption is the best thing that ever happened to them. Nothing in life is that straightforward, especially not our lives. It’s so surprising how they all think they know what it is and what it’s like, and then choose only what they want to hear. We know better than anyone, yet our voices are hushed."
Mar 28 '14


You know how job applications ask….”Have you ever been known by any other name?” I ask my mom” Mooooommmmm! Have I ever been known by any other naaaaammmeee????” I know in the back of my mind that I have but I like asking her. She always say no.
My birth mother doesn’t know my parents changed my middle name. My middle name and her middle name was the same. I don’t have the heart to tell her.

Mar 26 '14


Seriously, the next person that says “I’m sorry” when they hear I’m adopted will feel my wrath

Mar 20 '14





I just got in contact with my biological half brother. I never thought this day would come, I never even thought about it at all. Can’t really breathe. Not sure how to process this. And I’m at work so I can’t cry my feelings out. Holy. Fuck.

Congrats!!!! I’m still working on contacting my half-brother. Still not sure if he knows I even exist. <3 <3 <3 Hang in there! Its an emotional rollercoaster! I hope you guys can start a great relationship!

Congrats! I just found out I have a half-sister, and I’m trying to figure out how to tell my (bio) brothers. They’re both younger than me and not in the same head space with regards to our past. Which is fine, I was there once too. It’s so great to see other adoptees making these connections! Reminds me to hold on to hope. xoxoxo

THIS IS AMAZING, huge congratulations to all you glorious bastards <3

Wishing yall the wellness in the world. I know how freaking immense & indescribable it is going from being a lone orphan all your life to suddenly discovering you have a sibling (or two, or three…) — I discovered the existence of mine months ago, and I’m still working out how to go about contacting them.

Lots of love — let’s keep each other posted. X

Mar 20 '14

March 19 2014


It was St. Patricks Day. I asked my dad, because I like to pick with him, shouldnt you be celebrating? Your ancestors where Indian and Irish. My dad’s family had a small family reunion and traced back their ancestry and found that they had Irish and Indian in their family. That would explain the green eyes and nice hair. He said ” you have Irish in you too”. I hate when he does that. I say ” Dad I dont have Irish in my family” and he says ” but you’re my daughter” and I say ” Yeah but I’m not Irish” and he says ” you’re my daughter so you’re Irish.” I knew he was going to keep going so I gave in.

Ugh, it’s so gross when adoptive family members and bio spawn try to force us to identify one way or the other. It especially sucks when they do so at the expense of our birth heritage.

It should be obvious to even the most outside of onlookers, but it’s COMPLETELY up to the adoptee (and no one else) to choose whether or not to identify with our adoptive heritage.

Any adoptee who identifies with their adoptive heritage is right. Any adoptee who does NOT identify with their adoptive heritage is right.
More power to you either way. <3 X