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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Aug 31 '14



Why I sideeye white people adopting children of different races



catieissomethingcreative said: I kinda think that if you’re white and going to adopt a non-white child, you shouldn’t be a dick about it. That’s really it. Don’t congratulate yourself, don’t brag about it, just be a fucking parent.


Transracial adoption can seriously fuck you up and your white parents are all like, “but, but BUT I gave you everything! I’ve ALWAYS supported you!!!”

"But I can’t be racist - I have brown kids!"

But you’re told stories about family members concerned about “how brown is you’re going to be” and hear conversations about how “interracial marriages just don’t mix” and while at 9 you know, know, KNOW that you are expected to marry white. And you hear about how the Mexicans should go back to where they came from and as a Colombian you’re sitting in the back with Mexican, Peruvian and Guatemalan sibs wondering how that does not include all of you.

Then comes the day that you realize that the only reason you are worthy is because they changed everything about you and stamped you with their white last name. And that last name is a fucking weight to bear because you are expected to live up to their expectations, live up to the whiteness and deny, deny, deny everything else.

Until one day you don’t.

But even then - you still feel like a fraud, an interloper, an appropriator of a culture that should have been yours but was not. And continually having to work to dismantle the white supremacist thinking that you were brought up with - not just about all those other POCs out there but also about yourself.

Bolding that shit for emphasis.

Mundane bio spawn simply can’t cope with our complexity.

It’s either “shut up you’re WHITE on the inside you’re WESTERN you don’t know and can’t claim ANY of your birth hertiage”


"shut up you’re NOT WHITE you’re a FOREIGNER you don’t REALLY belong here and you can’t claim any of your adoptive heritage what about your ‘REAL’ family"

Aug 27 '14


I used to hate my name…



My birth mother gave me the name “Waykedria” but my white adoptive parents changed it to “Rebekah” because “Waykedria” was too abnormal for them and they could never spell it. They kept is as a middle name solely out of respect for my birth mother. I was also teased and called ghetto when I told…

You were adopted by white parents as a baby. Their culture is your culture because you were raised in their culture.

Quit appropriating black culture, you shitlord.

Go to sleep Gollum. 

hahaha white “CULTURE” hahahahahahahahaaa

Aug 25 '14

Request for any Colombians


If anyone is Colombian and knows anything about Bogotá or Cajicá please send me info about them. Those are the cities me and my sister were born in and I’d like to learn more about them. Thank you!

Booost! X

Aug 25 '14
Jul 22 '14

ducking back in from hiatus for a hot second to let you all know that fellow transracial adoptee this-isnt-your-captain-speaking is lovely with a heart & mind full of strength & grace

and if you’re a fellow class bastard and magical orphan you should definitely follow her X

(Source: brandx)

Jul 22 '14


You ever feel so overwhelmed by racism that your stomach and your head and your heart hurt and you feel like screaming until your throat bleeds but you have to sit quietly so you don’t upset your nice, normal White family and a little part of you is dying but you can’t even speak? That’s kind of the worst.

Yes. Nothing like fighting years of whitewashing and conditioning to hold onto the truth, only to be stigmatized for it. X

Jul 17 '14
  • Person: So do you know your mom?
  • Me: ...Well she raised me, so...yes I'd say I know her fairly well actually.
  • Person: No, I mean your REAL mom.
  • Me: *resists urge to punch face* As opposed to my...plastic mom?
  • Person: No come on you know what I mean! Like your RREEEAAALLLL mom like the woman who had you.
  • Me: Oh, you mean my birthmother.
Jul 17 '14
Jul 13 '14
Jul 13 '14

aerialklove asked:

Thank you for showing so much love to my blog and for the support you give!! I am grateful!!! <3 :)


You are such a beautiful and inspiring person! Thank YOU for posting!

<3 Bastard HQ