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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.

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Jul 22 '14

ducking back in from hiatus for a hot second to let you all know that fellow transracial adoptee this-isnt-your-captain-speaking is lovely with a heart & mind full of strength & grace

and if you’re a fellow class bastard and magical orphan you should definitely follow her X

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Jul 22 '14


You ever feel so overwhelmed by racism that your stomach and your head and your heart hurt and you feel like screaming until your throat bleeds but you have to sit quietly so you don’t upset your nice, normal White family and a little part of you is dying but you can’t even speak? That’s kind of the worst.

Yes. Nothing like fighting years of whitewashing and conditioning to hold onto the truth, only to be stigmatized for it. X

Jul 17 '14
  • Person: So do you know your mom?
  • Me: ...Well she raised me, so...yes I'd say I know her fairly well actually.
  • Person: No, I mean your REAL mom.
  • Me: *resists urge to punch face* As opposed to my...plastic mom?
  • Person: No come on you know what I mean! Like your RREEEAAALLLL mom like the woman who had you.
  • Me: Oh, you mean my birthmother.
Jul 17 '14
Jul 13 '14
Jul 13 '14

aerialklove asked:

Thank you for showing so much love to my blog and for the support you give!! I am grateful!!! <3 :)


You are such a beautiful and inspiring person! Thank YOU for posting!

<3 Bastard HQ

Jul 13 '14



I was trans-racially adopted with my twin brother. We’re 24 and we have never spoken about it. I want more than anything to reclaim my heritage, and am in the process of learning Spanish (albeit slowly), and am beginning to learn my history. I want to talk to my brother about this, because he’s the only person who understand the situation blow-for-blow. But I’m so afraid that he isn’t affected like I am. I’m afraid he’ll think I’m blowing it out of proportion. I’m scared and I can’t decide if I’m willing to breach that confrontation and risk finding out that my blood doesn’t empathize and that I am, truly, alone. And if he isn’t in the same boat I am, then I don’t know if I can ever seek out my birthmother. If I were to meet her, how could I ever say “Your son doesn’t want to meet you. I am here by myself.”

Jul 11 '14
  • Mom: *says something racist*
  • Me: Mom that's racist.
  • Mom: How could I possibly be racist?! I have a Korean son and an African-American daughter!!!!
  • Me: *internalize the pain, internalize the exasperation, internalize the rage, internalize everything* Okay mom.
Jul 9 '14

I’ll start with my adoption microaggressions!


I hate when people say “your parents are so great for having adopted you. I could never adopt. I wouldn’t love it as much as a kid that was, you know, my own.” 

If you’re so narcissistic that you honestly think you wouldn’t love an adopted child as much as one that’s your biological issue, DON’T FUCKING HAVE KIDS AT ALL

-mod R

Jul 9 '14

shecalleditsavagery asked:

Hey, could you tell me more about your NGO work?

Refugee family preservation. While not the official focus (no major NGO on earth places such direct importance on birth parents), the people I work with are at least smart enough to know that if a kid’s stuck in a strange land where they don’t speak the language and clearly don’t fit in, all after having their home obliterated by neo-imperialists (oh sorry, ‘nation builders’), the LAST thing they need is to to be taken away from whatever family they have left.

I also still consult for different child advocacy groups on international abuse epidemics that specifically target adoptees & foster children.