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Orphaned transracial international ungrateful insurgent Class Bastard.
Mar 14 '12

Pregnancy is too much of a gross chore for white Western women, but A-OK for women of color (‘specially if they’re foreign)!

Love how that unbelievably ignorant, provincial, shit-for-brains Torontote (and her minion Autobotamy) foists the labor of giving birth on to non-Western women of color - immediately AFTER she deems it too gross and “horrifying” a travail for her delicate, privileged self.

Her precious First World vagina is not an exit, of course, but all those colored foreign bitches? Well hell, you couldn’t stop us from breeding if you tried - cuz we’re hardened, sex-crazed, unenlightened broodmares built for labor who don’t know no better, RIGHT?

LOL. Racists always give themselves away, but only the particularly pathetic ones do it so quickly.

Torontote & co have no problem wallowing in their First World assumptions and complacency, never questioning their disgusting entitlement to the children that women of color must surely produce and give up to them (and only the pretty, healthy ones, goddammit!) as soon as the urge hits them to snap their pasty fingers. Or when they get too goddamn old, whichever hits first.

Never mind the fact that the huge and increasingly ravenous Western “white savior complex” appetite for adoptable young children, much less babies (LOL good luck there lady), far outpaces the supply. Never mind that the child trafficking, kidnapping, and lack of regulation that domestic adoption is still rife with outright explodes and permeates as soon its brought into intercountry contexts.

…[W]hile international adoption has become an industry driven by money, it is also charged with strong emotions. Many adoption agencies and adoptive parents passionately insist that crooked practices are not systemic, but tragic, isolated cases. Arrest the bad guys, they say, but let the “good” adoptions continue. However, remove cash from the adoption chain, and, outside of China, the number of healthy babies needing Western homes all but disappears. Nigel Cantwell, a Geneva-based consultant on child protection policy, has seen the dangerous influence of money on adoptions in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where he has helped reform corrupt adoption systems. In these regions, healthy children age 3 and younger can easily be adopted in their own countries, he says. I asked him how many healthy babies in those regions would be available for international adoption if money never exchanged hands. “I would hazard a guess at zero,” he replied.

^Source? Just a little fringe publication known as Foreign Policy. Need more? Research fucking UNICEF and the myriad international NGOs that have already covered this shit, albeit not with some linen-clad celebrity douchebag headlining the exposé. No pastel colored infographics for you, these are some quantum kyriarchical clusterfucks of intersectionality you’re attempting to parse.

Oh, and never mind the fact that this insufferably oppressive idiot Torontote is, by her own admission, unfit to take care of ANY child.

Hey, Huis Clos Vagina-tote! Sorry to smash your little snowglobe, but even in the furthest, most heathen colonial outposts, you don’t actually get to pick out a child like you’re squeezing fruit at the fucking grocery shop.

I like the idea of being able to choose the child. Birthing one is gambling, especially with some of the ugly babies my relatives have had. If I were to adopt locally, there would be the possibility of meeting the birth parents beforehand and deciding whether or not their offspring would suck. If I adopt internationally, I would not only have an excuse to visit another country, but I could pick out one I liked, and ideally skip the whole baby stage altogether. Also, someone has already vetted those kids! They can tell you in advance if the kid is going to be a biter.

You only get to cherry pick if you adopt via unethical channels. Even in ethical channels there are high risks of human trafficking and kidnapping, but in unethical channels it’s guaranteed that the kid you’re noodling isn’t actually an “orphan.” (Shit, I just gave the bitch ideas.)

And no matter how you adopt, you will ALWAYS be buying into and upholding white supremacist hegemony. But someone like you doesn’t even give a shit about little things like human rights, much less racism.

Anyway, if you really want to see how this bigot’s unintentionally incisive imagery of white Western vaginas not being exits while brown Eastern ones are forced to be revolving doors, then check out the “outsourced wombs” business in India.

Via NYTimes:

The voice was commanding, slightly disdainful and officious.

“The legal issues in the United States are complicated, having to do with that the surrogate mother still has legal rights to that child until they sign over their parental rights at the time of the delivery. Of course, and there’s the factor of costs. For some couples in the United States surrogacy can reach up to $80,000.”

This was “Julie,” an American thirtysomething who’d come to India to pay a poor village woman to bear her baby. She went on:

“You have no idea if your surrogate mother is smoking, drinking alcohol, doing drugs. You don’t know what she’s doing. You have a third-party agency as a mediator between the two of you, but there’s no one policing her in the sense that you don’t know what’s going on.”

Would you want this woman owning your womb?

(Source: brandx)